Sunday, March 27, 2011

BOOOMM!!! CRASH!!!! dribble, dribble, dribble...

Yes a thunderstorm is going on outside and I can't sleep. So, that means blog time. I actually got some math done today! Whoo hoo! But basically... the past few days have been nothing but work and sleep. Is spring break here yet? Wait, school starts tomorrow? DANG IT!

Church was so refreshing, as always. I needed a refresher. God is so good to me, and I hope to someday project his endless love to others like he does to me. An interesting question was raised in church today though. The sermon was on Christians and politics. I find it funny how they call Republicans "the Christian right" sometimes. I have friends who aren't Christian who are Republican, and I have friends who are not Republican who are Christian (myself included, by the way). It got me thinking. You can't really put labels on people (of course i've known this for a long time but society hasn't apparently). I mean look at me. I am an independent, not Democratic or Republican. Not liberal or conservative. I'm a mix of everything: jock, tomboy, band geek, even a little punk at times. I defy authority and I respect it. I can be at a mature gathering with people twice my age, then go out and buy LEGOs or yu-gi-oh cards. My point is, labels are just that. labels. You can stick a label on someone, but that doesn't mean they fit the description or like that you put that label on there. People can't be labeled, and you have to look past the outside and see the beautiful person inside.

Here inlies the reason why I want to go into special ed. Aspergers is a label. Heck Autism is a label. You talk to a kid, and they're hyper, won't meet your eyes, and stutter alot, you automatically think, Autism. But there's more to that kid than just Autism. They could be a mathematical genius, or have an I.Q of 185, or just be the sweetest, most loving kid you'll ever meet, once you get to know them and they are comfortable with you. So here today, I have a challenge for you. Look at someone you've "labeled". They don't have to have an ASD or even a mental condition at all. It could even be someone you pass in the school hallway or at work and think, wow she's a prep, or jeez, he looks so emo, and try to get to know them. See them in a different light. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Hmm... sounds like the thunder has calmed down a little. Bedtime for me!

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